About Allan Ekberg

Allan has been an active member of our community all his life. He was raised in Tukwila, went to school in Tukwila, worked in Tukwila, and raised his family in Tukwila. He is a proud, life-long resident, even sporting a “TUKWILA” license plate on his car since the mid-1990s. Allan brought that Tukwila pride to the City Council, the Planning Commission, and, for the last four years, into his office as mayor.

Allan attended elementary school in what would become the Tukwila School district and graduated from Foster High School in 1977. After graduation, Allan decided to serve his country and joined the Air Force. After serving in the Air Force, he got his degree at Riverside Community College and ended up receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University. Having met his wife, Trish, at college, the couple decided to start a life and raise their children here in Tukwila.

Returning home, he began his advocacy career in Tukwila opposing King County’s efforts to industrialize Riverton and fought for Tukwila’s annexation of Riverton, Thorndyke, and Foster neighborhoods. Having become a leading voice in the community, he spoke out against SeaTac’s annexation of Cascade View, thereby helping to preserve the unity of the Tukwila School District. Allan, at age 29, was elected to the City Council and later went on to serve on the Tukwila Planning Commission and after his kids were grown, won a three-way-race for a seat on the Tukwila City Council, where he served to ensure that Tukwila works in favor of Tukwila’s residents. He ran for Mayor in 2015 with the desire to re-center Tukwila’s government on the interests and goals of Tukwila’s residents and small businesses.

Allan ran for Mayor to work to prevent crime, pursue economic opportunities for residents, develop the economy, and keep Tukwila safe. Over the last four years, he has worked tirelessly to do just that. And now, as he faces re-election, Allan is committed to finishing the work he started.


Adopted into the Ekberg family, 5 Days old May 10, 1959, joined my 18-month-old adopted sister at our adopted home in the Riverton area of Tukwila. Given name of "Allan Erik Ekberg"


Born to a single mother of a little girl, given up for adoption. Birthday, May 5th.


Open Heart Surgery

Chest cut open, hole in heart repaired. Hospital roommate didn't make it.


Parents Divorced

I tried to keep my parents' troubles or pending divorce to myself, too embarrassing. But small town and word got out.


Returned to Tukwila to attend Foster H.S. 10th grade

Good to be back with friends.

Father Kicked Me Out

Jumped a Grey Hound bus to Tukwila; mother not expecting me at her one-bedroom apartment but welcomed me with open arms. My bed was the couch or floor.

Moved with Father to Anacortes

Attended Anacortes High. Jumped by a football player, I knocked the wind out of him; we became good friends. Fun to start a new school.

Graduate Showalter Middle School

Showalter had 9th grade then, it was a 7th, 8th, 9th grade school.


Moved to Rainbow Trailer Park

On Mom's dishwasher job she couldn't afford the apartment rent, we moved to the trailer park. My bed was in the hallway, like a bunk.


Tukwila Police Explorer Post member

Once searched for a discarded hand gun. At Christmas stood watch on the roof of the Southcenter Mall for car thieves.

Moved to Angle Lake Trailer Park

Mom scrimped and saved for a mobile home of her own.


Graduate of Foster High School, Tukwila, WA

Recognized as one of the top 10 students.

Second Job After High School

J.C. Penny stock room boy during Christmas holiday season.

Tukwila Police Department Explorer Post college scholarship

Started my education at Highline College to seek a criminal justice degree.

First Job After High School

Swept floors at McDonald Miller corporation and drove sheet metal parts to construction sites throughout the Puget Sound metropolitan region.


United States Air Force; Security Police

Volunteered to serve our Country, after Lackland Air Force Base basic training, attended U.S. Army Camp Bullis to learn front-line defense tactics. With a Secret Clearance I supported the security of one of our nation's first-responder flight lines and weapons.

Riverside City College

Joined the college to begin my educational pursuits. I worked swings and midnight shifts for four years so attended college each morning carrying full-loads while working, too, in the U.S. Airforce.


My Father Dies

An alcoholic. We had planned a road trip to get to know each other, again. He died before the trip. I was 20 years old.


Made Sargent, United States Air Force, Security Police

Recognized and promoted.

Associate of Applied Science - Criminal Justice

Received degree from Riverside City College.


Attended Humboldt State University (HSU)

Took only five trimesters to graduate after accumulating so many units from community colleges.

Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force

After four and a half-year of service to our country I wanted to finish my education.


Graduated: Bachelor of Science (HSU)

Business Administration/Computer Information Systems. Got employed prior to graduation and started off my technology career with EDS, Ross Perot's Electronic Data Systems corporation. I was first in class at their training program.


Safeco Insurance (employed by)

Operations Coordinator.

Moved back to the area

After our marriage, Trish wanted to attend the U of W for her Master's in Library and Information Science. We left California for my 'home'.


Trish and I married in Arcata, California. Our anniversary date is April 13th, and sometimes that is a Friday the 13th. Ha. 34 years later we are going strong.


Moved back to Tukwila, WA

After college, work, and marriage; settled back into Tukwila by buying our first home in Riverton, in Tukwila.

Citizen Activist

Fought successfully King County's re-zoning of lower Riverton to commercial business. Caused us to seek annexation of the Riverton area into Tukwila.

Great Northern Insured Annuities (employed by)

Weyerhaeuser subsidiary, Methods and Procedures Analyst.


State Boundary Review Board

I testified to retain Cascade View independent of SeaTac so it could later Annex into the City of Tukwila so that our school district would be all within one City. The Board ruled in our favor allowing Cascade View to annex to Tukwila in 1991.

Pool Table Summit

Annexation leaders of Riverton, Thorndyke, and Foster met with SeaTac citizens whom wanted to annex Cascade View into SeaTac. We wanted the Cascade neighbor to be part of the City of Tukwila and keep the South-Central School District (now called the Tukwila School District) intact in one City. Neither of us budged.

Riverton Annexation Leader

Led citizen effort to annex Riverton into Tukwila. Annexation was successful, with us came the Foster and Thorndyke areas. At join meetings I was on stage, like at Foster H.S., facilitation discussions.


Elected to the Tukwila City Council

Elected to first term council at age 29.

The Boeing Company (employed by)

Started as an IT analyst, finished as a Process Coach to Boeing senior management. 5 years.

First Child is Born

Our daughter is born.

Annexation Occurs

Riverton, Thorndyke and Foster successfully annex into the City of Tukwila via a popular vote.


Parent Teacher Association

Yearly thereafter. Member in all my kid's institutions, elementary, junior and high schools; parents make it happen along with the teachers.

Tukwila City Council - First Term Council Member

Served 1990-1997. The City Council forms the legislative branch of City government, it is the policy-making branch of government, the City Council is responsible for passing legislation, adopting the biennial City budget, approving long-range planning documents and capital improvement programs, and other responsibilities as set forth by State law.


Co-authored portion of "Tukwila - Community at the Crossroads"

Specifically the 'Riverton, Foster, Thorndyke Annexations' section in this history book.


Second Child is Born

Our son is born.


Re-Elected to Tukwila City Council

Re-elected for years 1994-1997


Weyerhaeuser (employed by)

Started as a Process Management specialist, ended as the enterprise wide IT Best Practices Manager reporting to the CIO. 5 years.


Retired from Tukwila City Council elected office

Reason: to spend time raising our six and eight-year-old kids in Tukwila. Officials with young children should think of their children first.

My Mother Dies

A loving and lovely lady. Died from metastasized breast cancer.


Tukwila Transit Advisory Chair

City sponsored board with business and community members to reroute Sound Transit through our City.

Highway 99 Action Committee

Recognized with plaque for my contributions to its efforts. Now called TIBAC, the Tukwila International Boulevard Action Committee


Sound Transit Citizen Activist

Fought successfully against King County's Sound Transit to keep light rail from splitting our community apart with a poorly designed route through our City.


Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (employed by)

Senior Consultant to E*TRADE, Xcito, Safeway LTD)


Washington Mutual (employed by)

Started as Lead Business Analyst, ended as Retail Sales Technology Program Manager, Vice President, over specific Intranet IT technologies. 5 years.


Master's in Business Administration

Achieved my MBA after 18 months of night school while working full-time.

Planning Commissioner

Served between 2003-2009. The Planning Commission acts as the land use advisory body for the City Council and reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on the City's Comprehensive Plan, Shoreline Plan, Subdivision, Zoning and Sign Codes.


Cancer - Bladder

Diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Three surgeries over four years kept it abated. It wasn't until 2013 found the source, i.e., the tube running from the kidney had cancer cells that flowed into bladder.


High School band trip chaperone

Youth performed in State, CSU, Ellensburg, WA

High School Band secretary

Attended meetings, took and distributed minutes.

Tukwila Sign Code Committee

Worked to identify new sign code regulations. I championed the vision of Baker Blvd, at Southcenter, being like a Downtown Disney, or mini-Wall Street with digital billboards. I was ahead of my time; others couldn't envision it. It would be the only location in the state, and a tourist draw.

Internet Technology - project consultant

Employed as an Internet Technology Program or Project Manager as a contractor or employee for companies such as: Cobalt, Onlineshoes.com, Dendreon, Razorfish, Iron Mountain, Starbucks, lululemon, Accenture Consulting, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online, BECU. 8 years.


High School Christmas tree sales manager

Tree Tsar; organized Christmas Tree sales to raise money for the band.

High School Band secretary

Attended meetings, took and distributed minutes.

High School band trip chaperone

Youth performed in Universal Studio's, Florida.

Elected to Tukwila City Council

Three person race, won the vote.


Elected to Tukwila City Council

Served 2010-2015. Contributed six years on the City Council before becoming Mayor, on top of another eight contributed in 1990 to 1997.

High School Christmas tree sales manager

Organized Christmas Tree sales to raise money for the band.

High School band trip chaperone

Youth performed in Carnegie Hall, New York, won Best in Sportsmanship


Tukwila Metropolitan Park District Board Commissioner

Served 2011-2015. Oversight and administration of the Tukwila Pool under its elected park district.

High School band trip chaperone

Youth performed at Disney Land, Florida, won 9 awards for excellence.


Cancer - Right Kidney Removed

Tube between kidney and bladder had cancer; took the tube and the kidney out.

"Walked the Plank"

Fund raising winner at the pool's re-opening in April 2013. As a result of the money I raised, I got the privilege of being the first person to jump into the renovated pool.

Re-Elected to Tukwila City Council

Served years of 2014 and 2015. In 2015 ran for Mayor.


Foster High School Centennial Committee member and treasurer

Served 2014-2015. Contributed on a team to make the 100th Year celebration of Foster H.S. possible; oversaw all credit card transactions, and donations.


Elected to Mayor of Tukwila

Elected the 20th Mayor of Tukwila. Thank you for your support.

Tukwila Facility Study Committee

Representative on planning committee to review facility needs of the City, including Fire, Police, Courts, Public Works.


My Sister Dies

She lived a hard life.

Cascade Water Alliance - Board Member

Oversee with other City's mayors Lakes Tapps' infrastructure and public consumption water distribution.

SCORE South Correctional Entity - Board Member

Oversee the jail administration along with other member city mayor's and city managers. Was board president who ran the hiring process for the executive director replacement, and the withdrawal of Federal Way from the financing model.

Still Waters - Families in Transition - Board Member

Founding Ex-Officio member of this organization to help feed our youth via the Tukwila Snack Pack program.

Valley Communications 911 - Board Member

Oversee operations with other City's mayors of this first-responder call center.

Mayor of Tukwila

Took office January 1st, 2016

Action Tukwila

Come Sit At Our Table self-invited event coordinator; fund raised considerable amount to make it happen; also provided electricity via generator for the stage performances.


Sullivan Community Center - Board member

Founding board member as we work to establish the center's rental programs and operations to empower a place for all our community members.


Running for Re-Election as Mayor

I thank you for your support.

Tukwila Children's Foundation - Board Member

The Mayor of Tukwila is a member of the Board.