Endorsements from Tukwila community leaders

Steve Bergquist

Washington State House of Representatives, representing the 11th Legislative District which includes the City of Tukwila.

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

U.A. Local 32 Plumbers Pipe Fitters Refrigeration & HVAC Union

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Iron Workers Local Union 86

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

IAM District 751 Machinists Union

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Sharon Mann

Allan has been the most involved Mayor this City has seen in a long time. He is "reachable" , he listens and he acts. I look forward to having him as our Mayor leading us into the next couple of years as we see a rebirth of our city buildings and THE BOULEVARD. Allan is the first Mayor in a long time that is approachable, listens and acts. In addition, he has initiated programs st the City that makes it easier for citizens to interact with the City. He's a mayor that really cares about this city and its citizens .

Kimo Hudson

I have known Allan for 3 years now and his work for the Tukwila Snackpack group and the Still Waters Charity is beyond remarkable!! He embodies and personifies what we all should strive for in giving back to the community. Allan is an excellent supporter of our community and businesses in Tukwila. He is actively involved and genuinely interested in how we can continue to make progress in our changing world. Let's get him back!!!

Khang Nguyen

Hello my name is Khang Nguyen, a resident of the City of Tukwila as well as a member of the Vietnamese Martyr Community. I admire Mayor Ekberg for all his hard work in growing and developing our amazing city. I also thank him for his continuing support of my parish and his love for the Vietnamese community. I fully endorse Mayor Ekberg for re-election.

Karen Maxwell

Allan is the heart of Tukwila and our class of 77 couldn't be more proud of him in his achievement as Mayor. He's been doing a great job by this community and will continue to do so as long as you re-elect him! VOTE EKBERG for MAYOR of TUKWILA!

Dan Fear

A great Major!

Edward Fish

A person who truly listens and devotes himself to the citizens and small businesses.

Julie Pitt

Allan Ekberg is a great friend to his community and strong partner to his neighboring ones. His integrity and accountability are core to his personal service excellence. He is a great public servant!

Kimmi Getchman

Allan Ekberg's focus on Tukwila's future and our local youth is one of the many reasons I support him! He's paving the way for a better future for our city and its future leaders!

Peter Kwon

Allan has always been a pleasure to collaborate with when working towards solutions to shared community issues, it's hard to find someone as active, knowledgeable, and results-oriented in our neighborhood.

Jenny McCoy

Allan is a man of the people. I see him everywhere I go, connecting with the community. He is a man of his word. If he says he'll do something, you can count on it. He is a man of compassion, advocating for those struggling with housing and food insecurity. Allan is accessible. He's always ready to connect with you, and if he's unavailable, he WILL

Wendy Morgan

Allan is the best person for the job of Mayor.

Buzzy Katzer

Even though I'm not a resident, if anybody asks me for an endorsement I will certainly stand up and talk on your behalf.

Bill Radford

Great choice to continue to lead Tukwila into the future.

Karlin Ekberg

Happy to Support Mr. Ekberg :) Even though we live outside the area we enjoy seeing him express his love, enjoyment, and devotion to the city he grew up in and raised his family in.

Darin Ling

Has been a fantastic brother.

LeAndra Roe

He is the perfect mayor for the community of Tukwila.

Do Nguyen

I am Do Nguyen with VRCWA (Vietnamese Representative Council of Washington). Endorsed Mr. Ekberg: Mayor for the city of Tukwila.

Eileen English

I am very certain I will be voting/endorsing Mayor Ekberg. He is not only an outstanding citizen and a fantastic Mayor, but he is so committed to the Tukwila area and its improvement! He is a great person and I will be sending him a birthday card and a donation. Thanks so much and I am sorry, I cannot attend today, but will hope to see him very soon.

Blessings to him and his family.

Eileen A. English, Ed.D.
Resident of Tukwila SHAG Apartments and Board Member of Tukwila Village

Carmen Pickering

Mayor Ekberg!

You have been a fantastic mayor. Can not believe how time flies and it is once again time to say YES and vote you back in for another four year term.

To all you Tukwila residents if you want to help make a change in your community and restore it back...vote yes to Allan Ekberg?

John Stewart

I appreciate the great work you do!

Jen Wickens

I definitely personally endorse Mayor Ekberg. He is a tremendous leader and is creating great change throughout Tukwila!

Khanh Cai

I endorse Mayor Ekberg because he cares about the community. He is devoted, passionate and the One Mayor for all the people of all ages.

Ivan Cockrum

I have seen Allan at virtually every volunteer event that I have attended since moving to Tukwila two years ago. I appreciate his accessibility and his commitment to personally helping the community.

Nichelle Page

I would like to endorsement Mayor Ekberg. He supports our students in the Tukwila school district. Mayor Ekberg doesn't hesitate to come running to assist in our school buildings and with the needs of our students and families. I appreciate his support and willingness to be active and visible to and for our elementary & secondary schools.

Gary Litwin

I've known Allan for many years, since we worked together at Washington Mutual Bank. He's a person of impeccable integrity and ethics, I'm proud to call Allan a friend, and delighted to see his success and service to the community.

Sandra Caldwell

I've known Allan for more than 35 years, and he is a man of great integrity! He is genuinely a good person, trustworthy, smart, confident, and just an all around great guy! Definitely a man of his word!

Alan Raunig

I've seen h im attending numerous local events- he is involved! He was born in the city, knows the city and its issues in detail, and has a passion to make it even better - what more could you ask for ?!

Victor Lombardi

Instead of pursuing a career in Politics, Allan pursues a Career in Excellence.....

Brian Beckwith

Looking forward to four more years of Mayor Allan Ekberg's leadership for the city.

Scott Malone

Mayor Allan Ekberg is a friend and a neighbor. He grew up here and has served the community for years. Allan is that guy who would be helping the community even if he wasn't in public office. He cares and it shows.

Aaron Shipman

Mayor Ekberg has been a great example of civic leadership in our community. I am always impressed with how much time he spends meeting with and being a part of our diverse city.

Mike West

Mayor Ekberg has done an excellent job for our City. He works tirelessly on behalf of citizens and is very active in the community at large, always listening and trying to improve the City for the residents.

Jason Coleman

Mayor Ekberg is an exceptional man. He truly cares for and wants the best for everyone he comes into contact with. He brings calmness to the face of challenge and fairness to every transaction.

Mikkell Roeland

Mayor Ekberg is focused on making Tukwila a safe, enjoyable place to live that offers opportunities to all of its residents. As Chair of the Equity Commission, I am so grateful for the Mayor's support and guidance. I look forward to working with him during his next term.

Benito Cervantes

Re-elect Allan Ekberg

Lenny Autio

Will definitely be supporting you.

April Chanes

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Bettina Carey

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Danniel Harrington

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Dave Puki

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Dennis Dunne

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Dennis Martinez

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Emmy Scharnberg

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Irene Balbuena

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Jeri Frangello-Anderson

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Karen Simmons

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Kurtis Keeney

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Laura Benca

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Leanne Guier

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Linda Murphy

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Louise Strander

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Margaret Bratcher

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Michael Nielson

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Ojay Dubow

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Omar Lee

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Sharon Shipman

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Sheila Coppola

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Tod Bookless

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Tosh Sharp

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Vince Koester

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Warren Larer

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

Wes Peterson

Endorses Allan Ekberg.

William James

Endorses Allan Ekberg.