Professional endorsements

Thomas Conaghan

Independent IT Consultant

Allan is an outstanding program manager/senior project manager who is well thought of by both his customers and his coworkers. He has successfully managed multiple ecommerce implementations. Allan has great communication skills and is able to manage issues and prioritize his team's goals and work plans.

Julian Lambert

Global Ebusiness Professional

I had the opportunity of hiring Allan and managing him over the course of 3 years. The top characteristic that comes to mind with Allan is "collaborator." Allan is fantastic in the group setting and has a natural ability to pull teams together and gain their buy-in for anything that comes their way.

Rebekah Johanson

Sr. PM

Allan is an expert program manager and a natural communicator who has the ability to generate consensus where none exists. He can build momentum in order to create strong, energetic teams!! Allan inspires the best performance in everyone who has the great fortune of working with him. I highly recommend Allan.

Tae FitzSimons

Project Manager

Allan completely understands that a key component of project management is keeping the team motivated and in good spirits -- He is great at building relationships with both business and technical folks. He will keep a project on track while never forgetting to show appreciation for each person on the team.

Michael Parker

IT Manager

Allan was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and always on top of what was going on within his projects.

Jeff Buttimer

Business Analyst Director

Allan deals with clients and challenging situations with a sense of calm and purpose. Through his years of experience, Allan knows what needs to get done and how to manage successful projects. Allan is not only a well-rounded, experienced, and effective Project Manager but is someone who is also comfortable presenting to C-Suite leadership.

Gregg Williams

Reporting and Analytics Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Allan at two companies. He's an effective and diligent PM capable of bringing together cross-functional groups to deliver results. He'd be an asset to any organization in need of a strong PM.

Jessica Glowacki

PMP, Senior eCommerce Project Manager

Allan and I worked together as PMs on multiple projects where he managed the remote development team and we worked together to manage the project from a requirements, QA and delivery standpoint. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Allan as I found him to be a very easy-going person who worked well in high pressure situations.

Jonathan Gardner

Sr. Project Manager

Allan is a very thorough and professional project manager. We worked together on a couple of projects that required the procurement of software licenses. Allan got the negotiation strategy and was a great help in collecting the internal data necessary to make the negotiation a success.

Amber E. Olson

Sr. Manager, Systems Development

Allan served my organization as a Project Manager. I found Allan to be diligent in his duties. He is extremely personable and connected with individuals throughout the organization - from Customers to Executives. Allan was instrumental in our transition from "waterfall" to "agile" methodology. Given the chance, I would hire Allan again.

Basari Mohamath

Senior Software Engineer

Allan has a fabulous business knowledge and management skills. Any PM can set schedule, not every PM has the soft skills to manage expectations and empower team members to deliver. On top of that, he is a very good listener and very easy to talk to. Allan has an easy going manner and was a delight to work with.

Steve Zitkovich

Localization Program Manager

Working with Allan was a pleasure on both a professional as well as personal level. His experience and leadership were key in keeping the project we worked on to budget and to schedule.

Frank Spady

Senior Solution Consultant

Allan and I worked together on a fast-paced, ever changing project. During this time, he proved himself to be a hard working, organized Project Manager.

Mike Palladino

Director, PMO

Allan came and was quickly able to help resolve program level schedule issues. He was able to get the projects back on track and re-establish the customer's confidence. He also earned the trust of team with his great communication skills. Due to his skills, Allan was additionally asked to take on the program level responsibilities and did a great job.

Pamela Danner

PMP, CSM, CEHRS, Project & Program Portfolio Mgt

I had a need for a program manager to staff a challenging program at a remote location in Washington state. I interviewed and selected Allan via phone. Allan quickly exceeded all of my expectations, not only did he fit in with his colleagues in the dev center, but he impressed the dev center leader so much that she recently proclaimed him the best program manager she had ever worked with.

Steven Chalmers

Project Engineer

Allan was one of the best PM's I have ever worked with to the point i hope to work with him some day again. I think the combination of accountability; organization and compassion for those he works with are what makes him so great!

Matthew Oliver

Sr. Project Manager

Allan came on board at a very critical time as we had multiple projects requiring detailed and thorough resource planning. His expertise ensured all work was allocated correctly and in the most efficient manner. Allan is a great guy to work with, detail oriented and very experienced. He has great ability in re-working processes for the better. I would certainly recommend him.

Craig McKernan

QA Manager

I had a chance to work with Allan while he was working in downtown Seattle. Allan was our project PM while we were developing a retail kiosk application for a Microsoft product. It was great having somebody like Allan on our team helping to lead us. He brought a great sense of maturity and leadership and guidance we all needed.

Shumei Lin

Software Development Manager

Allan is an experienced program manager. He can easily built strong customer relationships, convey the information in a concise and easily digestible fashion. His plans are clear and well communicated. I recommend him!

Konstantin Ignatyev

Computer Software Professional

It was my pleasure to work with Allan who is competent in technical and human aspects of work in a fast paced hi-tech environment. His joyful attitude and focused attention to the last detail helped us to deliver solutions despite obstacles and constantly changing requirements and expectations.

Paul McKee

Principal Software Engineer

Allan easily slipped into the PM role on a project that was already in progress but still in the early stages. He made our lives as developers much easier by deftly handling the PM burden and managing outside dependencies. He was unafraid of technical discussions and details. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Donald Shaw

Lead Test Analyst

Allan is an extremely talented individual, the entire time I worked with Allan he was well-organized, efficient and a great motivator. He ensured successful project completions through well managed schedules and a can do attitude. I hope that one day I will be able to work with Allan again.

Kymberley Suddarth

PHR, HR & Proj/Prog Mgt Professional

Allan was on board at roughly a week before I was, but provided a plethora of knowledge - like he had been there for years! I found him to be a wonderful "go to guy" when I was stalled in my tracks and along the way, got to enjoy a new-found friendship. Both he and I were brought on mid-project and not once did I see him flinch when things weren't going as planned.

Deliene Sellers

PMP, Proj/Prog Mngr/PMO Coach & Mentoring

Allan is one of those rare individuals that knows how to stay calm in the storm and get things done. He is thoughtful organized in how he approaches a problem, is someone that is sought after by others to bring clarity and stability to challenging situations. And, he is someone that anyone in the organization can trust. I would work with or for Allan again at any time.

Alden Hopkins

Director of User Experience

Allan is hands down one of the most professional Program Managers I've had the honor to work with. Within days of bringing him on board, Allan was quickly and respectfully breaking down large projects and leading Creative and Technical members toward timely completions with the desired outcomes set forth by the business. He takes his job seriously.

Terry Cates

VP Global Engineering

Allan is a terrific program manager who has an eye for detail and cuts to the chase. He fears nothing and digs in to the weeds with the engineering team to solve problems and keep the ball moving on complex projects. He has a great attitude and is always positive, professional and willing to take on any assignment. Feel free to contact me for a positive reference.

Doug Messick

Manager, Configuration and Release

Allan is exceptional at juggling multiple projects simultaneously, paying attention to individual contributors as necessary while keeping sight of the big picture.

Basil Coetzee

PMP, Sr Project Manager

Allan was a fun person to work with, always ready to complement his team and bring out the best in each team member. His professional approach and management skills were evident when he lost a key member of the project team and had to step in to save the project. I would work with Allan again anytime in future.

Kelly Sanders

Senior Product Mgr, Emerging Technologies

Allan is a tenacious, meticulous, competent senior program/project manager. His proven track record of leading teams (technology and business) was evident in the many meetings I had the pleasure of attending. Allan's ability to quickly transition from tactile to strategic, with regard to technology and process issues was demonstrated to me on many occasions.

Patricia McElroy

Infrastructure Project Lead

Allan is a creative, thoughtful leader who always keeps the welfare of his team and common goals of the organization in mind. He does not get sidetracked by things that aren't important and excels at maintaining focus to ensure effort is applied to priorities - not distractions. He is an outstanding asset to any organization.

Peggy O'Hare

Senior Consultant

I've had the pleasure of working with Allan at two companies; Allan has always impressed me with his steadfastness. Additionally, he is very conscientious, always willing to work with you, reliable and very knowledgeable. Allan delivers. He is a true professional and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.

Ric Peterson

Coordinator of Media Arts

I worked with Allan while we completed our MBA Program. Allan is an effective team leader, a valuable team member, innovative, excellent follow through, as well as motivational. Allan inspires success in his teammates, and leads by example. I was privileged to have Allan working with me on projects, and committed to living up to his/our expectations.

Amy Jo Houge

Senior Wholesaler

Allan is a true team player who is passionate about everything he does. He always puts his "customer" first, he's a visionary and one who looks outside the box for solutions. Allan would be an asset to any company fortunate enough to have him!

Sandra Piotrowski

Process and SDLC Expert, Quality Mgmnt Exec, Consultant, Speaker, Workshop Creator & Leader

Allan used a comprehensive set of PM skills to successfully deliver multiple projects. While working with him on a number of projects I observed first hand his ability to work under difficult circumstances (lack of resources, politically challenging, and high stress). Allan consistently acted professional maintaining a calm, thoughtful approach while juggling multiple projects.

John Shields

Complex Technical Reintegrations Manager

Allan is a fantastic manager who taught me a lot about functional analysis and overall project life-cycles. In an environment where things move very quickly and accuracy is very important, Allan is a rock. He never loses focus & always keeps the best end-product in mind.

Harjeet Dhillon

Technical Consultant

I had the privilege of working with Allan during the period June 2005 to June 2006. During that time I reported to Allan while working on numerous projects. I found Allan to be a highly effective and capable leader with excellent organizational and motivational skills and yet always personable.

Bernie Bishoff

Sr. Business Analyst

Allan was the senior technical analyst on the team. He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. He was patient, knowledgeable and was very easy to work with and talk to. Allan has a great manner about him and can swiftly diffuse any stressful situations. He was extremely highly regarded and I'm sure that he will be the same anywhere.

Judy Linn

Product Management & Delivery

Allan is a phenomenal project manager. He is comfortable in high pressure environments. He can juggle the expectations of multiple stakeholders effectively. He has a 'can-do' optimistic attitude and possesses high personal integrity. I enjoyed working with Allan very much.

Evarist Lobo

Web Solutions Architect

Allan is a pleasure to work with. He has a vast depth of experience in dealing with various managerial issues. He excels in delivering under extremely difficult projects involving tight deadlines and complex technical issues. He is a skilled negotiator who can create a win-win situation for everyone.

John Denny

Sr. PM, eCommerce consultant

Allan is a very strong and efficient Project Manager. Allan preceded me on the project and not only managed the internal resources well, but developed really strong relationships with the client as well. He has strong technical knowledge and a great communications style. I enthusiastically endorse the skills and experience of Allan Ekberg!

Brian Gershon

Software Engineer at Unity

Allan was a pleasure to work with and was instrumental in steering a clear course through the Starbuck's code internationalization project. From a developer prospective keeping track of the larger business goals and targets is challenging and Allan was always the go-to person for finding those answers.

Steve Summers

Technology Director

Allan is a very detail oriented and personable manager who focuses on the end result.

Alma Capa

Solutions Architect

Allan is a great addition to any organization requiring a stellar team player and a great customer liaison. His ability to work with the technical team to deliver the solution that customer needed was unmatched. He is a huge resource when the team is on customer calls and during technical presentations. Provided thoughtful guidance in helping me to decide the best approach.

Silvia Taylor

Sr. PM, eCommerce consultant

Allan was one of the most respected project managers in our group. He was professional, knowledgeable and effective. Allan is a pleasure to work with. His clients listened to him and he always delivered results!

Michael Oliver

Solutions Architecture

Allan is a stellar Sr. Project Manager establishing an emphasis on accountability and relevance from the start. He has been instrumental in building out a delivery arc for a resource intensive internationalization project using clear guidance. Thanks to his effort, we are able to deliver on track. He remains focused on the core issues challenging Business/IT enterprise.

Patricia Utter

Executive Assistant

I am pleased to add my recommendation of Allan Ekberg. Allan was a very detailed, energetic and creative project manager. He was creative and flexible to the project's needs in his flow management and a very nice person to work with as well. Please feel free to contact me for any further verification.

James Pritchett

Sr. Software Engineer

Allan worked with me as the project manager for a large and complicated project with a heavily variable staff. If not for his organization and insight into how to fix the issues with the schedule, we would be much further behind than we are. Allan is gifted at team management and does so with a smile and kind touch using a firm fist.

Frederick Ventura

Sr. Business Analyst

I've only had the opportunity to work with Allan for a short period of time, but during his stint at Iron Mountain Allan was key in managing resources across multiple business lines as well as a 3rd party vendor. When Allan started, he had the unenvious task of stepping into a project that was already inflight and get up to speed very quickly.

Terry Zhou

Senior Software Design Engineer

Allan is one of the best PM I ever worked with. It was a great pleasure. I was greatly impressed by his business, management skill, professionalism, accountability and sincerity. Together and with our other team members, we will able to deliver our project on schedule and on budget. I will definitely look forward to working with him again!!

Roderick McCaster

Sr. Financial Analyst

Allan is a very detailed person who managed his people, projects & #s through his computer (Spreadsheets & systems) skills & communication.

Scott Gibson

CTO and Chief Consultant

While my time working with Allan was short, he helped bring order to the chaos that had befallen our engineering team in quick order. Allan understands that in order to have a successful project the team must be solid and knows how to make that happen. He has an ability to work with team leadership to help get the team firing on all cylinders with minimal fuss and wasted effort.

Eirikr Trybjorn

Software QA Engineer

Allan came onto the team to help support our many projects. Shortly thereafter, he managed to reconcile our limited development and test resources across those projects and provide management the information needed to set priorities. Using those priorities, Allan wrangled up a master plan/schedule and got all of us on board. It was great working with him.

Apexa Shah

Software Test Engineer

Allan is a very meticulous and technically competent PMO with great ability to own and deliver on Project responsibilities and work well with team and other stakeholders. He has an immediate positive impact on projects and has the complete set of skills to manage multiple projects as well resources.

Jamie Despres

User Experience Director, Creative Director

Allan and I worked together on a complex, highly interactive retail touch kiosk that was dependent on a lot of outside sources and partners to be successful. Stepping in during the middle of the project, Allan quickly took the reins, noted his resources, and collaborated to create an agile project plan that satisfied the needs of all the disciplines.

Darlene Wong

Web/Interactive Designer and Developer

I had the opportunity to work with Allan on a fast-paced project with many moving pieces. Allan took over the reigns as Project Manager in the middle of the project, and he really hit the ground running! He is very organized and detail-oriented... His strength was staying positive amid the many challenges we were dealt, and always listened.

Michele Livingston

SVP, Regional Manager

Allan is conscientious and reliable. He is even tempered and a good listener and isn't afraid to seek advice and ask questions when appropriate.

Udayan Shukla

Senior Technical Architect

Allan and I have worked on the same group multiple times. He is a very talented Project Management and Business Process design professional, as well as a great person. He has wide and deep experience in IT projects and has a long and successful track record. He would be an asset to any IT project team.

Pamela Hirsch

Founder at Pamela Hirsch Consulting LLC

It has been a pleasure to have worked with Allan. Allan is a true team player in the finest sense of the word. Even when our respective projects competed for resources, I could count on Allan to work the conflicts in a win-win manner that was always professional and courteous. He is a program manager that looks to foster cooperation.

Anesly Alvear Bravo

IT Professional

Allan is the rare Program Manager who can easily bridge the gap between the unique personalities and needs of highly technical teams and business interests. He skillfully manages priorities, deadlines, and expectations while maintaining a great attitude and fostering teamwork. Working with him was a pleasure.

Leah McKune

Technical Manager, Lead DB Administrator

Allan is a talented Program Manager, adept at bringing teams together, fostering communication and accomplishing what's best for all stakeholders. His positive attitude and caring personality make him a valuable member of any team.

Mark Moore

Senior Project Manager

Allan is a skilled program manager. He is able to keep track of and coordinate multiple simultaneous projects. He is very personable and professional. I worked closely with Allan on a critical project that was done for a high-profile client on an expedited timeline. Allan handled coordination of internal resources and also skillfully managed the client interactions.

Simon Overbey

ADP Dealer Services

Allan is a very experienced and capable Program Manager. Allan was able to adeptly navigate the waters and provide solid leadership. He clarified business requirements for our software development team and provided expert guidance to insure that we delivered quality software on-time and to spec. I highly recommend Allan.

Sally Webb

Inside Sales

Allan would be an asset to any organization and has natural leadership abilities. He demonstrates a real respect for others and their viewpoints. I know him to be an honest, honorable man who can be relied upon even in stressful situations. He is someone people gravitate to knowing they will receive thoughtful, creative feedback and solutions.

Jason Logsdon

PMP, Consulting Specialist

Allan was able to build relationships across teams with his approachable, positive attitude and in his ability to complete his deliverables on time.

Corey Smith

Senior SVC Engineering Manager

Allan was great to work with. He made the work fun and didn't stress that his people work long hours to deliver. The organization Allan brought to projects enabled us to execute and communicate transparently to the larger team. I would work with Allan again and feel he's a value add to any organization.

Christopher Rosenquest


Allan is a compassionate and focused leader who has both in-depth technical understanding as well as long and short term business focus. His commitment to teamwork, excellence and support stands out. He not only has the ability to inspire but he also builds personal relationships that are supportive. He doesn't hesitate to be direct when he needs to be.

Deliene Sellers

PMP, Proj/Prog mgr/PMO coach & mentoring

I would highly recommend Allan for a position at any company. He is grace under pressure, develops meaningful business relationships and has a high capacity to assimilate varied information into workable solutions. He's a great team member and team leader and is someone I would work with again in the future.

Rob Sandstrom

PMP, eCommerce Project Manager

Allan is the go-to professional for program management or business analysis expertise. His ability to work in both disciplines is a value add to any organization whose skill sets and resources are limited. He is a sought after leader who will get the job done. Allan is a pleasure to work with and will definitely be on my team in the future.

Murray Williams

Senior Consultant

Allan is one of the best Project/Program managers I've worked with. He is well organized, works hard to keep people on track,& is always polite & helpful in his business dealings. I highly recommend him.

Kevin Mullins

Solutions Consultant

Allan is a results oriented project manager. He is process driven and was very successful bringing new processes into the group for the benefit of his colleagues and customers.

Amy Evans

PMP, CSM, Project Manager

Allan has a lot of drive to see work completed; he has very good communication skills and is able to communicate between business and technology teams effectively. He is a good team worker in that he facilitates efforts between teams to reach a common goal; he leverages team member strengths and gives credit where it is due. I enjoyed having Allan on my team.

Leslie Sinsheimer

Product Manager

Allan has worked with me as a technology partner and lead on several projects. He always displays great qualities - easy to work with, calm, conscientious - and is knowledgeable about both the technology and the business. Reliable and thoroughly pleasant and professional, I couldn't say more.

Steve Young

System Engineer

Allan is an exceptional project manager and is very innovative and can make a project successful no matter what kind of challenges you face. Allan is good communicator, and skilled at developing relationships across groups and departments. He has strong business ethics and is a trusted professional.